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HotTub-Whirlpool_RELAXINGThe Cedar hot tubs are made of clear Western red cedar wood produced. This type of wood is unique due to its resistance to rotting. Her natural scent has very pleasant and calming effect. The fibrous structure causes an optimum watertightness and is one of the world's best insulating wood. Bath barrels there are in different diameters of 4 until 8 Individuals in the Run as a simple tub or bathtub with high wood-burning stove and ‘ wooden hot tub’ with electric heating, Massage jets, Filter system and relaxing light.

Wooden hot tub – Clear Western Red Cedar
Bathtub, Sauna-Tauchbecken oder Ofuro
Bathtub, Sauna-Tauchbecken oder Ofuro



Wooden hot tub with electric heating and massage jets




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4 thoughts on “BATH BARREL”

  1. Please send me documents for wooden vessels with external heating wood the smallest version.
    Thank you
    Bea Suter

    1. Good day Ms. Suter
      Thank you for your inquiry. Our smallest hot tubs has a diameter of 150cm and is great with an outside oven for 2-4 People. The documents and price list we sent to you by e-mail.
      Please call us, Tel. 052 347 37 27. We advise you gladly.
      With kind regards
      Sibylle Maglia

    1. Hello Nino
      Thank you for your inquiry. The barrel with the whirlpool execution has many options such as control, Electric heating, Massage Jet pump, Ozonator and filter system. You can assemble is thus itself desire barrel.
      We have provided to the documents as a preliminary email. Best call us, Tel 052 347 3727 or provide us with your telephone number for callback.
      With kind regards
      Sibylle Maglia

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