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Catalog bath barrel

More details on our tub – You can find offered in our catalog.


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10 thoughts on “Catalog bath barrel”

    1. Good day, Mrs. Haan
      Thank you for your message. Please let us, which product you are interested in. We have imported a CH Pricelist, duty-paid and taxed and a Euro price list with direct delivery ex works plus transport.
      You can use this information directly to send to or call us. Tel. +41 52 347 37 27.
      With kind regards
      Sibylle Maglia

  1. We operate a Mountain House and are on the rebuild. Am looking for an outdoor pool (Jakuzi) with electric heating for 8 People. Thank you for your suggestions.

    VIU g' freyt's
    Keeper Erwin

    1. Good day, Mr Gabriel
      Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, we have already implemented such projects. An example is the SAC Hütte Lakshmi in the canton of Glarus. We were there a barrel diameter place 200 cm with Frost inside oven and electric auxiliary heating.
      See the following link for a photo:
      We have sent you the total price list by E-mail.
      With kind regards
      Sibylle Maglia

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