Wooden HOT TUB

The classic barrel with wood burning stove from the North

HotTub_WoodFired-4x6bCANADA NATURA is the round, classic design exclusive Canadian Red Cedar.

The Cedar hot tubs are made of clear Western Red Cedar cedar wood. This type of wood is unique due to its resistance to rotting.
Her natural scent has very pleasant and calming effect. The fibrous structure causes an optimum watertightness and is one of the world's best insulating wood.

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The wooden hot tub is available in sizes 152, 182 and 214cm in diameter available and provides space for 4-8 People.
The standard version is equipped with a powerful outdoor wood furnace.
Thanks to the 10cm-thick insulating lid stays warm the water for days. Thus, we recommend an electric auxiliary heating, which keeps the bathwater on pleasant 38 ° C.


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    1. Hello Ivana
      Thank you very much for your inquiry and your interest in our products. We have a large variety of wooden Hot Tubs. You can choose between different kind of wood like pine, thermowood, clear Canadian Red Cedar, different sizes for up to 12 people, with internal or external wood heater or electrical heater. We also ship directly to Croatia.
      We have sent you all information by e-mail. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Thank you and kind regards,
      Sibylle Maglia WellnessFASS

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