Badefass HotTub HotPot WellnessFASS

Badefass HotTub HotPot WellnessFASS

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  1. I am interested in a wooden bathtub, in the form of barrels, with a diameter of 1.80 m and a height of 80cm, for 4-5 persons. It will be placed outside in the garden, half into the soil, in areas with low temperatures (up to -15 winter nights). The water should be heated to 38 degrees Celsius. On cold winter nights, there must be an automated system for heating the water up to the 4 degrees to prevent freezing.
    I wonder if the barrel should be double-walled and bottomed with insulation 5-6 cm. How much increases the cost in this case??
    Desirable is adding a hydro-massage and air-massage system.

    1. Dear Chris
      Thank you very much for your e-mail and your interest in our wellness products.
      What you describe is already included in our standard wooden whirlpool. There is no insulation needed because Red Cedar will insulate very well. You will also get a 10cm insulation cover, that keeps the temperature together with the electric heating system on the value what you desire. There is also an automatic freezing protection that starts at 7°C’. Freezing will be no problem, all our Hot Tubs are produced and tested also in much colder Canada.

      Please check the following link:

      Please contact me by phone for more details information +41 52 347 37 27.
      We sent you the prices by email.

      Kind regards,
      Sibylle Maglia

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