Gallery KOTA & Grill House

A Scandinavian barbecue hut is an investment that guarantees you years of fun with family and friends.
Let yourself be inspired – and think of a Crackle end fire and Grill nose ..

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2 thoughts on “Gallery KOTA & Grill House”

  1. Please price list to come for this Scandinavian Grill House by E-mail or post.
    Hotel Schweizerhaus, 7516 Maloja

    Thank you for your efforts and best regards

    1. Good day, Mr Wintsch
      Thank you for your inquiry. Offer your guests an exclusive experience with a Lavvo. How sure you know, no longer can the town “fire” or “zeuseln” on his little balcony. The feedback shows that only the wood must be ready, the raw Grill and cooking ingredients and the cutlery. The experience for your guests is to do everything myself. And important; a cellular phone or Bell in the Kota position so that the guests can order the liquid supply again. We have delivered all information by e-Mail.
      With kind regards
      Sibylle Maglia

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