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Garden SAUNA Europe

You will receive our outdoor saunas in different sizes and types of wood.
First select the size (Diameter and length), the type of wood (Spruce, Larch, ThermoWood), the heating type (Electric- or wood heating) as well as options ( Window, Door type, Backrest, Accessories) and exterior paint.

All details in our detailed PRICE LIST .

Contact You us for installation instructions and drawings.

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2 thoughts on “Garden SAUNA Europe”

    1. Good afternoon, Mrs. Kappagantula
      Thank you for your inquiry. We have delivered to our extensive price list by E-Mail. We have equipped already various hotels with our high-quality bath barrels and barrel saunas.
      We advise you gladly. Please call us, Tel. +41 52 347 37 27.
      We deliver directly from the factory in Austria.
      With kind regards
      Sibylle Maglia

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