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Tub HOT TUB Europe

You will receive our bath barrels and HotTubs / hot pot in various sizes and types of wood. First select the size (Diameter), the type of wood (Spruce, Larch, ThermoWood), the heating type (Indoor or outdoor wood furnace) as well as options ( Plastic insert, Metal insert, Accessories) and exterior paint. All details in our detailed PRICE LIST . Contact You us for installation instructions and drawings.
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Wooden HOT TUB

The classic barrel with wood burning stove from the North HotTub_WoodFired-4x6bCANADA NATURA is the round, classic design exclusive Canadian Red Cedar. The Cedar hot tubs are made of clear Western Red Cedar cedar wood. This type of wood is unique due to its resistance to rotting. Her natural scent has very pleasant and calming effect. The … Continue Reading ››
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Europe line

Class instead of mass .. This is also in our Europe line.
Hot tub-with-Aussenofen_WellnessFASS
Relax and enjoy in your own backyard
Quality need not be expensive! We produce even, use only sustainably dried, slowly grown Woods from the Arctic circle and our craftsmen ensure clean and flawless bath barrels and garden saunas.

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An investment that prepares you to years of wellness pleasure and joy .. Being properly informed means - the right decision ! Here you will find many documents of our products, Materials and General wellness. With click and 'Save target' you can download these documents on your computer. Have fun studying .. Products … <a href=Continue Reading ››
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Dear friend of wellness THE BATH BARREL; A wonderful feeling for body and soul ... throughout the year ... Bathe in the warm waters in the open air and at the same time enjoy the fresh air. A special treat is the contrast between hot and cold. This experience is further enhanced by sparkling water and massage. THE BARREL SAUNA;Healthy relaxation in a private atmosphere at home … Continue Reading ››
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